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*Moscow, Russia. Morning. The sky above was gray, the ground was covered in snow, and snowflakes fell from the clouds above. Robert and Eva walked down Red Square, wearing warm clothes to protect them from the cold weather. Their Digimon were also dressed this way to keep warm*

Eva: Man, I didn't know it would be so cold in Moscow.

Robert: I told you to dress warmer. At least this is the last country in Europe we have to visit.

Gatomon: Hmm…I thought Russia was an Asian country.

Robert: Actually, it's a part of both Europe and Asia.

Eva: Well, Moscow is in Europe, so that makes it a really cold place.

Renamon: Why don't we find a warm place then?

Robert: Like where? I doubt any of the inns are available. Remember London?

*Just then, Robert's cell phone began to ring*

Robert: Hold on, I'll put it on speaker. *presses the speaker button on his phone* Hello?

Mike: *on the other line* Hey Robert, how is the weather in Moscow?

Robert: Freezing, what do you think?

Mike: *on the other line* Ha ha! Just kidding. So, did you discover if there are any of Superimon's troops there?

Eva: Hello, we just arrived here last night. What do you think, did we?

Mike: *on the other line* Well, not really. But it didn't hurt to ask, did it?

Robert: Ugh! Listen Mike, it's getting really cold, so I gotta go.

Mike: *on the other line* Okay, okay, sheesh. I gotta go anyway, Kevin and I need to make plane reservations for Rio De Janeiro.

Eva: Hey, before you go, how did you do in Australia? Did you find any evil Digimon there?

Mike: *on the other line* Yeah, an entire Flymon swarm. Almost killed Veemon. I'll tell you more later, bye. *hangs up*

Robert: *turns off the phone* Well, this is ironic. The others get to have fun in the sun, while we freeze our tails off here.

Renamon: That's funny, I didn't notice that you actually have a tail. *chuckles*

Robert: Seriously, Renamon, let's try to find something to eat around here. Think you can touch someone and learn Russian?

Renamon: Maybe.

*Just then, two Russian honor guards were seen, standing next to the Zhukov statue at the north end of Red Square*

Renamon: I'll be right back. *walks over to the soldiers*

*One of the guards spots Renamon and nudges the other one. They both see her and aim their rifles*

Guard 1: Halt!!

Renamon: *quickly stops* Huh?

Guard 1: Take one more step closer, and we'll shoot!

Guard 2: State your business, monster! Why have you come here to Moscow?

Renamon: Oh, you know English.

Guard 2: Yes, some English. Now, state your business!!

Renamon: I just want to touch you so I can learn your language, that's all. I mean you no harm, I promise.

Guard 2: Ha! You think we're fools?!

Guard 1: How can we know that you speak the truth?

Robert: *runs up to the guards* Don't you dare shoot my partner!

Guard 1: Get out of the way, boy!

Guard 2: Wait, I've seen him on television. He's one of those Heroes from America.

Eva: *runs up behind Robert* That's right, we're the Digimon Heroes, and we aren't here to cause any trouble.

Guard 1: Hmm…*lowers his rifle* Please forgive us, it's just that we can't be too careful, with the other cities being attacked and all.

Renamon: Well, that is understandable.

Guard 2: Still, what is your business here in Russia?

Eva. We are checking all of the continents and major cities, just in case if there are any evil Digimon.

Guard 1: Well then, go along with your business. But if you start causing trouble, Heroes or not, you will be placed under arrest.

Eva: We wont, don't you worry about that.

Gatomon: Yeah, we're here to prevent trouble, not starting any.

*The two Heroes and their Digimon keep on walking through the snow covered streets*

*Later, Robert, Eva, and their Digimon were sitting at a table inside the Red Square restaurant*

Eva: So, Renamon, do you know how to speak Russian now?

Renamon: *slaps her forehead* I've totally forgotten to touch the guards!

Robert: Well, you could do what you did in Paris, touch the waiter's hand.

Eva: *looks out the window* Hey guys, look who's outside!

Renamon: What is it, Eva?

Eva: *points* Look for yourself!

*Robert, Eva, and their Digimon could see Chris, Rixu, and their Digimon walking around in the snow*

Robert: Chris, Rixu! *taps on the window* Hey guys! *motions them to come in*

*Chris, Rixu, and their Digimon, see Robert and the others and enter the restaurant*

Robert: *motions them to come over* Guys, over here!

*The other people in the restaurant look uneasily at the Digimon*

Angelomon: *eyes widen and smiles* GATOMON!!! *flies to Gatomon*

Monodramon: Howdy everybody!

Gatomon: Angelomon! *runs up and embraces Angelomon* Oh, Darling, I missed you!

Angelomon: I missed you, too, Gatomon!

Robert: Sit down, take time to warm up.

Chris: Don't mind if I do. *sits down at the table*

Rixu: Thanks. *sits down at the table*

Robert: So, what brings you four to Russia? I thought you were in China.

Chris: We were, but we came here afterwards. Didn't think we'd run into you.

Rixu: We can't stay for too long, we got a plane leaving for Tokyo tonight.

Eva: Seen any of Superimon's troops around here?

Chris: Nope, there weren't any in China either.

Eva: At least that gives less to worry about so far.

Robert: Well, we've battled Digimon in London and Paris. Italy was clean, though. We toured through Rome and Venice, had a nice time. Germany didn't have any Digimon either, so we just visited Berlin for a bit, then Munich. Afterwards, we chartered a plane and came here.

Rixu: Interesting. On the other hand, we at least should be lucky that we get this time to relax.

Angelomon: In one of the coldest countries in the world?

Monodramon: Hey, it works. *shrugs*

Robert: *sighs* Well, what should we do? It's gonna be Joey's birthday in a few days, I can't believe I'm gonna miss it.

Chris: Wow, already?

Rixu: That's a shame you'll have to miss it.

Robert: Yeah, he's gonna be fifteen this year.

Angelomon: Wow, he's over the hill! XD

Chris: Don't worry Rob, we'll try to get him a present in Japan.

Robert: I wonder if Russia has any good things for a birthday.

Renamon: If I can get someone to touch, I could ask..

Eva: By the way, did you have any problems with your Digimon? A while ago, we ran into a couple of soldiers who almost shot Renamon.

Robert: They were Honor Guards. They uphold the law here. They're usually seen guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Chris: That must be some soldier.

Robert: I studied Russian history at school, that is when I decided to go more often.

Chris: Regardless we haven't had any real trouble with ours. At least not like you guys.

*Meanwhile, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the changing of the guards takes place*

*Suddenly, a mysterious Digimon appears in front of three of the guards and smiles an eerie smile at them*

Guard 1: Halt! Who goes there?!

???: Ha ha ha ha ha…*pulls out a sword and approaches the guards*

Guard 2: It's a monster!! Fire at will!!

*The guards aim their rifles and fire at the Digimon, who then falls into the shadows, avoiding the bullets*

Guard 3: *looks around* Where did it go?

*Just then, the mysterious Digimon appears behind the soldiers and quickly strikes with his sword*

Guard 2: AUGH!!! *falls to the ground*

Guard 1: It's too fast for us! Call for reinforcements!!

???: Ah ah ah! *slices the guard*

Guard 1: Augh!! *stabs at the Digimon with his bayonet*

???: *dodges the bayonet* You surely can do better than that, foolish human! *slices the bayonet with his sword and steps closer to the guard*

Guard 3: *radios for help* We need reinforcements! Repeat, we need reinforcements! A Digimon has appeared in Moscow! Call out the entire army, quick!!

*Back at the Red Square restaurant*

Chris: So what are guys going to do now?

Robert: Well, if Renamon could touch someone, we'd all know.

Renamon: *keeps an eye out for a passerby* Regardless there doesn't seem to be any notable Digimon activity going on. We'll probably just move on.

Robert: Right, back out into the snow.

*Just then, an old military alarm was heard from outside and several soldiers and guards were seen running outside in the square*

Gatomon: On second thought!

Eva: What's going on?

Robert: *his digivice radar goes off* My guess…a Digimon.

Chris: We better get out there and help them before they get themselves killed.

*The Heroes and their Digimon get up and leave the restaurant to see what was going on*

*Meanwhile, people were evacuating Red Square as guards on foot and horseback entered the area, along with a few tanks. The Heroes try to move through the crowd the best they can, but it's not easy*

Robert: Man, I can't get through!

Angelomon: You think they'd know what personal space is! *gets pushed by a woman* Oof!

*At the center of Red Square, The soldiers and guards cock their guns and load their tanks*

Commander: Don't shoot till it gets within firing range!!

*Just then, the mysterious Digimon appears in front of them. It looked like a tall man with claws for hands and the wings and head of a crow. His body was dressed in purple and red samurai like armor with two long, golden swords strapped to his belt. This was Karatenmon*

Commander: Fire!!

*All the guns and tanks fire at once, but the bullets and shells bounce off of Karatenmon's armor*

Karatenmon: Feh! Now if you're done playing with your toys…*stretches out his wings* Ballistic Feathers!! *flaps his jet black wings, driving his feathers at the soldiers alongside a shock wave*

Soldier: Look out!!

*The feathers blast many of the soldiers away and destroy half of the tanks. Luckily, some of the soldiers were able to dodge the attack in time*

Karatenmon: Hmm, I missed a few…

Commander: Cavalry, charge!! *blows through a whistle*

*Several of the horseback soldiers ride towards Karatenmon, with swords pointed outward and shouting out with rage*

Karatenmon: Humph! Cute. *pulls out a sword and charges at the incoming swordsmen*

*Several of the riders clash their swords with Karatenmon, but a few are stabbed and knocked off their horses. Still, some of them are able to stand up and keep on fighting*

Commander: You diabolical monster!! Where is your sense of honor?!

Karatenmon: *turns to the commander* Ha! What do you know of honor? You Russians call yourselves a great nation? You're weak and pathetic!! Whatever happened the great and powerful Soviet Union you once were?

*The Russians look at Karatenmon, looking very insulted, angry, and full of hate*

Karatenmon: I thought so. Besides, I am here on important business. I seek my old ally, General Renamon!!

Renamon: Oh dear.

Robert: Great, another Digimon with a vendetta against Renamon. Come on! *runs out into Red Square with the others*

Karatenmon: Hmm? *sees the Heroes run up to him* Ah, so you've arrived!

Rixu: Better scan him. *takes out his digivice and scans Karatenmon* Karatenmon. An Ultimate level, Virus type, Demon Man Digimon. His attacks are Ballistic Feathers, Enlightenment, and Crow Swords.

Eva: So, who is he?

Renamon: He was once my commanding officer years back.

Robert: Commanding officer? I thought you were Superimon's second in command.

Renamon: Things worked differently in the Digital World. Karatenmon trained me before I was promoted…

Eva: What?

Karatenmon: Every great General has to come from somewhere. I was so proud when you became Superimon's right hand Digimon…but then you betrayed us! You, our greatest weapon!!

Renamon: I had my reasons. *stands close to Robert*

Robert: She's on our side now, you over grown turkey!! So if you want her, you're gonna have to go through us, first!

Karatenmon: So be it. I'll make sure you regret your decision, traitor!

Chris: Just try it, smart ass!

Angelomon: Let's go!!

Robert: Attack!!

*Angelomon, Renamon, Monodramon, and Gatomon charge at Karatenmon, claws and teeth bared*

Karatenmon: Humph! Crow Swords!! *begins to strike*

Angelomon: Catherine Wheel!!

Gatomon: Lightning Paw!!

*Karatenmon bats them away like a baseball player as Monodramon tries to strike*

Monodramon: Beat Knuckle!!

Karatenmon: Ballistic Feathers!! *knocks him down in a hellfire of shards*

Monodramon: AUGH!!!

Rixu: Come on, partner!! You can whoop him!!

Monodramon: Grrr!! *doubles back and flies up again as Gatomon and Angelomon rejoin him*

Karatenmon: Coming back for more, are you? I'm happy to oblige! *pulls out his sword, but Renamon lands on the blade* Huh?

Renamon: Leave them alone! This fight is between you and I, Karatenmon.

Karatenmon: Hmm…*raises an eyebrow* Yes, you are correct. Best we settle this here and now. How would you care to battle? With swords, or old fashioned hand to hand combat?

Renamon: How about both? I'm up for a challenge. *jumps off the blade and onto the ground*

Karatenmon: Very well. *takes out another sword and throws it onto the ground in front of Renamon* Let's see if the student can surpass the master.

Renamon: *picks up the sword* I have surpassed you, in more ways than one.

Karatenmon: Then prove it! *charges towards her* HYAH!!!

*Renamon charges in with ninja silence. Then suddenly, the two Digimon's swords clashed*

Rixu: Whoa!! She's good with a sword!!

Karatenmon: You always go into battle without care! Ballistic Feathers!

*Renamon jumps back to avoid the attack, but Karatenmon continues his attack, forcing her to move back until she reached a wall*

Chris: I don't think she's got a chance against him!

Robert: Oh no…

Renamon: *to herself* Knowing him, he going to use his attack again, then I'll strike!

Karatenmon: Ballistic Feathers!!

Renamon: DIAMOND STORM!!! *attacks the feathers and creates a smoke screen*

*As Karatenmon watches the smoke, a shadow of Renamon could be seen moves around the side of the smoke. As she is about to attack, Karatenmon blocks it*

Renamon: *gasps*

Karatenmon: Ha ha ha ha ha! You think I would fall for such a naive trick?

Robert: I don't believe it, he blocked her attack!

Karatenmon: *punches and kicks Renamon to the ground* Ha! *stands before Renamon with his sword to her throat* Just as I expected. Leaving Superimon's army has made you soft and helpless. Now to rid the world of you!

*Just then, Robert runs up from behind Karatenmon and tackles him to the ground*

Robert: Renamon, run for it!! I got him distracted!! Go!!

Karatenmon: Get off me!! *punches Robert out cold* Filthy human!!

*Renamon sees this in pure rage and charges at Karatenmon at a pace that surprises him, and claws at his mask, leaving the mask damaged*

Karatenmon: Augh!! How dare you!! *slices at Renamon's chest, repelling her back*

Renamon: AAAHHH!!! *falls to the ground*

Eva: Robert!! *runs over to Robert and holds his head in her lap*

Karatenmon: *picks up his sword from Renamon's hand* All great warriors never battle when rage consumes them. Farewell, but next time we meet, I will not be so lenient! *disappears into thin air*

Chris: Hey, get back here, you coward!!

Karatenmon: *reappears in front of Chris* Who dares to call me a coward!?

Chris: I did, asshole!! Wanna make something out of it!?

Karatenmon: Human scum! I'll teach you a lesson! HOW TO MEET YOUR MAKER!!!

Chris: This is for Robert!! *inserts his crest into his digivice* MEGA DIGIVOLUTION!!!!

Angelomon: *digivolves* Angelomon warp digivolve to...Alexandermon!!

Eva: Count me in, too! *inserts her crest into her digivice * MEGA DIGIVOLUTION!!!!

Gatomon: *digivolves* Gatomon warp digivolve to...Ophanimon!!

Rixu: Whoa…When did Gatomon reach the Mega level!?

Monodramon: I don't know, but she looks awesome!!

Karatenmon: Finally, a challenge!! *pulls out his swords* I accept!! *flies right at the two Mega Digimon as fast as light, injuring them a bit*

*They soon engage in battle, swords and javelin clashing. Even with a giant group attack, Karatenmon parries them without fear*

Alexandermon: I see Superimon has endowed you with superior strength to be able to match against us!!

Karatenmon: True. The only blight is that no one can match me in combat!!

Ophanimon: We'll see about that!! Eden's Javelin!!

Alexandermon: Holy sword!!

Karatenmon: *swings and stops the attacks* You two are beginning to bore me!

*Meanwhile, Renamon crawled over to Robert and Eva, holding her bleeding chest in pain*

Renamon *weakly* R-Robert…*clutches her chest even more*

Robert: Ung…*twitches*

Eva: He's moving.

Robert: *wakes up* Ugh, I feel like I've been hit by a truck! Renamon, are you hurt?

Renamon: It's not…so bad. *falls down*

Robert: *sees Renamon's wound* You're bleeding!

Renamon: It's...just a scratch.

Robert: Damn right, and it's deep. *looks onward at the battling Digimon*

*Karatenmon is still gaining the upper hand against the two Mega Digimon*

Karatenmon: NONE ARE MY EQUAL!!!

Rixu: Think you can digivolve, Monodramon?

Monodramon: You bet! *gets a determined look*

Rixu: *shakes his head* No…no, this is Renamon's fight.

Monodramon: Oh…*looks disappointed*

Robert: He's right, Renamon. If Karatenmon can take on two Mega Digimon, what about three?

Eva: Hmm...*smirks* I doubt he'd stand a chance.

Renamon: Hmm…*gets a determined smile and tries to stand up* Time…to clip…a crow's wings!

Robert: You got it! *insets his crest into his digivice* MEGA DIGIVOLUTION!!!!

Renamon: *digivolves* Renamon warp digivolve to…Sakuyamon!

Karatenmon: *turns to see Sakuyamon* What's this?! You've reached…the Mega level?!

Sakuyamon: Seems I have surpassed you in many ways, Karatenmon. And this is a student becoming the master!

Alexandermon: *backs off* Sakuyamon! Here, take my sword! *throws his sword at Sakuyamon*

Sakuyamon: *takes the sword in her hand* Thank you! *strikes a pose*

Karatenmon: A big mistake, angel! Tossing away your weapon like that! Now you're open to a full attack!! *rushes at Alexandermon, but is epically blocked by Sakuyamon* WHAT?!?!

Sakuyamon: This is our fight, remember?

Karatenmon: *raises an eyebrow* You think you can defeat me now that you are a Mega?

Sakuyamon: I can try. *swings the sword at Karatenmon* AND I WILL!!!

Karatenmon: *gets knocked aside with the sword and crashes into the snow, just as people run out of his way* Ung!! What…power. *gets up with difficulty and readies his swords*

Sakuyamon: That was for me, the rest are for my friends!! *slices Karatenmon's swords in half*

Karatenmon: *gets a shocked look on his face* NO!!! MY SWORDS!!!

Sakuyamon: *strikes a pose* Shall I demonstrate more of my power?

Karatenmon: *narrows his eyebrows* This is far from over, traitor!! *disappears into thin air*

Chris: *face palms* Not again!

Sakuyamon: Let him go…he's finished here.

Rixu: Hmm...And I thought WE were the only ones not destroying Digimon on this mission.

Robert: If Sakuyamon says so, then let him go. We'll meet another day.

Alexandermon: Sakuyamon, my sword please.

Sakuyamon: Here. *hands Alexandermon his sword back*

Alexandermon: Before you de-digivolve, there is something I must do.

Ophanimon: And what is that, my love?

Alexandermon: Since MagnaAngemon isn't here, I shall do the honors. Kneel please, Sakuyamon.

Sakuyamon: Why must I?

Alexandermon: Please, my friend.

Sakuyamon: Very well. *kneels as Alexandermon comes to her with his weapon raised*

Robert: Chris, what's going on?

Chris: I think I might have an idea.

Alexandermon: It is an honor to serve you as a friend and a soldier in this war. Therefore, by the right of the Guardians, by the will of the Creators, I dub thee, Sakuyamon. Betrayer of evil, protector of the innocent. *taps Sakuyamon's shoulders with his sword* Knight of The Digital World.

Sakuyamon: *looks surprised, but smiles* Thank you, Alexandermon.

Ophanimon: Congratulations Sakuyamon, for achieving this status.

*All the Digimon then de-digivolve to their Rookie forms*

Robert: *walks up to Renamon* I'm proud of you, partner.

Renamon: *smiles* Thank you, partner.

*Just then, the commander and his soldiers walk up to the Heroes and their Digimon*

Commander: Thank you, Digimon. You have saved us, as well as all of Russia. We owe you all our lives. *bows*

Gatomon: It was nothing, really.

Robert: How about you owe us dinner instead?

Monodramon: Yeah!

Chris: *looks at his watch* Sorry guys, we gotta be going. We leave for Tokyo in an hour.

*Monodramon and Angelomon fall to the ground, distraught*

Rixu: Yeah. We'll meet you guys back in New York.

Angelomon: *hugs Gatomon* We'll see each other soon, I promise. *kisses her on the lips*

Gatomon: Goodbye, my beloved.

*Chris, Rixu, and their Digimon leave for the airport*

*Just then, Robert's cell phone began to ring*

Robert: *answers his cell phone* Hello?

Anderson: *on the other line* Hello Robert.

Robert: Agent Anderson! What's up?

Anderson: *on the other line* We need you, Eva, and your Digimon, back in New York, immediately. Your presence is needed at the U.N.

Eva: What? Us?

Robert: Oh yes, sir. We'll charter a plane back home immediately.

*Just then, a U.S Chinook helicopter is seen and lands in Red Square. Anderson emerges from the door of the chopper, dressed in a trench coat, holding a cell phone*

Anderson: That will not be necessary.

Meanwhile, inside the palace of the Digital World, Karatenmon walked towards Superimon's throne room doors, but was then greeted by Indramon*

Indramon: Greetings, Karatenmon. I see you had an…interesting time.

Karatenmon: out of my way, failure! I have important business for Lord Superimon!

Indramon: And what exactly could that be?

*Just then, Myotismon and LadyDevimon approached the two Digimon*

Myotismon: Indramon, let him pass. That's an order.

Indramon: Humph, if you say so. *moves out of the way, but does a mock salute to irritate Karatenmon more*

LadyDevimon: You best not do that to me, fuzz-bag.

Indramon: I know my place, madam.

*Karatenmon then enters Superimon's throne room, escorted by Myotismon and LadyDevimon. Superimon turns away from his computer and faces them*

Superimon: Welcome back, Karatenmon. Have you done what I have sent you to do?

Karatenmon: *kneels before Superimon* Yes, my lord. My mission in Russia was a success. I was able to retrieve the information you needed. *holds out his hand and opens it, revealing some of Renamon's fur* I was able to slice it off from her chest during battle.

Superimon: Excellent. *gets up and takes the fur* You have done well, Karatenmon. Unlike some Digimon who returned alive and have failed!

Karatenmon: Hmm...*smirks*

Superimon: *walks back to his computer and puts the fur in the scanner* Computer, begin cloning sequence.
Episode 37 of Digimon: Heroes. Robert, Eva, and their Digimon travel to Russia, meet up with Chris and Rixu, an dface an old enemy of Renamon's past.
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