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Sleepless on Broadway: PlusAngelomon Rises!

*15 seconds and 7 milliseconds in the second quarter of the game, down 10 points against the Miami Heat's 25, the New York Knicks take the ball as #9 hurled the ball to a nearby player. With the roar of the crowd surrounding the arena, the Knicks star dribbled the balls against the Heat's strong defense. The Heat players proceeded to surround the player, forcing #9 to make a desperate lunge towards his nearby colleague, who tried to catch it*

*In a flash, one of the Heat stars stole the ball and broke in a heavy pace. He looped the ball over the Knicks, towards his fellow star. He leapt with a backhand toss toward the court, Chris Bosh made the leap and WHAM! The crowd roared as the Miami Heat now lead over the Knicks, 27-10*

Jermaine: *voice-over* Dang, Commandramon. That was a lucky catch!

Angelomon: *voice-over* Heads up, Commandramon! Jermaine's got the ball!

*Four seconds left in the quarter, the Knicks took the ball and made a long pass as his fellow teammate prepared to catch it*

Commandramon: *voice-over* Not on my watch, sir!

*The Heat stole the ball before the Knicks could make a comeback and prepare to shoot*

Commandramon: *shouts* HYAH!

*The buzzer went off setting the end of the quarter, but the ball successfully landed through the hoop. As the Heat end the game, leading the Knicks 29-10, it was revealed that the landscape was but a mere digital simulation of a rather popular basketball videogame*

*For in reality, back in the actual New York, a week had passed since the team's run-in with the military. Patrol convoys roaming the streets have prevented Robert and his friends from attending the basketball field for an actual game. So they all gathered in Chris' house to lay low to avoid further military contact. Most of the gang sat at the couch, as Jermaine and Commandramon took the controls playing as opposing teams on NBA Live 06. Chris and Mike simply leaned against the wall, the former lighting a cigarette in his mouth while Mike was texting on his cell phone*

Angelomon: Wahoo!! All right!!

Jermaine: *to Commandramon* Dude! That's two points again!

Commandramon: *to Jermaine* Nothing to it, sir.

Robert: *applauds* Great job, little guy!

Chris: *blows a puff of smoke* Yeah, cool.

Mike: I'm just surprised you were able to teach him how to play video games in just under a week.

Jermaine: *scratches his head* I figured he'd kill at this game, but I didn't think he'd be 'that' good.

Joey: Well, he did technically come from a video game, so it’d make sense that he’d be good at them.

Angelomon: *sees Chris smoking* Ooh, Chris, I didn't know you could produce smoke attacks!

Chris: *blows another puff* Sure… Call it that. *puts out the cigarette in an ashtray* I wouldn't recommend trying it, though.

Robert: Chris, this is the first time Angelomon's caught you smoking?

Chris: *sarcastically* Sure, video games aren't distracting enough for my little buddy to notice. *to Rob* What are you, my mother?

*Just before the conversation heated up, two knocks caused the group to turn. Chris makes for the front door, peers through the peephole before opening it, allowing Eva to enter. As she joined the others, Robert noticed something rather different about his girl. Her jacket looked rather bulgy, as if something alive stirred inside*

Robert: Hey, Eva.

Chris: *to Eva* You're late.

Eva: *sarcastically* Good to see you too, Chris. *to Robert* Hi, Rob.

Joey: Hiya, Eva. You're missing a great game! Jermaine's getting his butt kicked by Commandramon!

Jermaine: *turns to Joey, sarcastically* Gee, thanks for the support, bud.

Angelomon: Did you bring Salamon with you?

Eva: Of course. What did you think was wriggling around inside my jacket?

*As if on cue, Salamon peeked her head through the collar of Eva's jacket looking around at her new surroundings*

Salamon: Hi guys!

Veemon: Hey Salamon.

Commandramon: Hello, little lady.

Mike: *turns to Salamon* Oh hey, it’s the other talking puppy.

Salamon: It‘s good to see you all aga-- *sniffs the air, coughs lightly* Ech! What is that smell?

Chris: *sighs* Fine. I'll get rid of it! *takes the ashtray, heads into the kitchen*

Salamon: Is he okay?

Robert: Oh yeah, but you definitely don’t wanna see him when he has a nic-fit.

*Suddenly, the sink was heard running in the kitchen*

Robert: *calls out* Chris, what are you doing?

Chris: *calls out* You want me to set the house on fire?!

Mike: *watches the screen* Shockingly, it gets boring watching one of our friends get their butt kicked in video games. Isn't there anything else we can do?

Veemon: Well, with the military still mad at us for the shenanigans in the city last week, going outside is a definite no-no.

Robert: Just be lucky there also haven't been any more Digimon sightings since then.

Joey: I don't get it though. If the general knew who Chris was, shouldn't he have come here and arrested him by now? And for that matter, wouldn't he have also found out where each of us lived and arrested us too?

Chris: *returns from the kitchen with the empty ashtray* If the General knew where I lived, I'd have fled the city a long time ago. *puts the ashtray back on the table*

Robert: Joey does bring up a good point. What would Stanford be waiting for?

Chris: I don't know, and frankly I got better things in mind than anything that has to do with the army.

Jermaine: So… What DO you wanna do?

Chris: Like it matters… If I was just playing you guys, I'd own you at all my video games. No challenge.

Jermaine: Dang. And I was really hoping to get a new video game downtown.

Chris: Which one?

Jermaine: Man, I don't know… There was God of War II, Halo 3…

Joey: Oh yeah! Isn’t there a shipment of Halo 3 copies coming in today at GameStop?

Mike: Yeah, but I bet with all the patrols roaming the streets, we won't even make the first five blocks. *realizes* Wait, his grandma lets him play Halo?

Joey: Sure, his Grandma's cool. Jermaine said she always wanted to meet us.

Chris: Well, I don't know about you, but if I have to spend one more hour in this dump, I'll go nuts.

Robert: But isn't this YOUR house?

Chris: Exactly.

Commandramon: Well, who said that you all had to go?

Jermaine: Yeah, I could go get it. I mean, the military don't know I have a Digimon.

Chris: Now, that's a bad idea for two reasons. The second reason being is if you stroll merrily along the streets and a Digimon happens to attack, you're screwed. First reason, why should the rest of us feel left out?

Eva: I could go with him. They don't know I have a Digimon either.

Mike: True, but can your little buddy fend for herself in a fight?

Salamon: I… I think so.

Robert: *to Eva* You sure you guys will be fine on your own?

Eva: I'm not some damsel in distress, Rob. I can fend for myself.

Robert: Okay, okay. Just asking.

Jermaine: No sweat, guys. If we do run into any trouble, I'll just call from my cell.

Robert: All right, but if anything does happen let us know immediately.

Eva: Don't worry, we'll be back.

*As Eva and Jermaine made their way out of the house, Chris hopped onto an empty space on the couch before pulling out another cigarette from his pocket*

Chris: Eh… Didn't feel like running anyway. *lights the cigarette*

Robert: *looks at Chris' cigarette* Really?

Chris: What?

*Sometime later, Eva and Jermaine were strolling a couple blocks toward the nearby GameStop downtown. They were just turning a corner, when what they saw made them stop in their tracks. Parked at the front of a store, surrounded by yellow tape, a troop of police cars stood by with their siren lights swirling around. When they noticed why, the store's window was completely shattered with glass all over the ground*

Jermaine: *eyes widen* Whoa, man! What happened here?

Salamon: *pokes her head out of Eva’s jacket* Oh my…

Eva: Looks like it got hit by Hurricane Katrina or something!

*Just then, they heard a sigh as several nurses were wheeling a stretcher out from where the door used to be. The store's owner was lying in a daze, his expression showing confusion. The kids watched as the owner was being carted into the nearby ambulance, the man muttering to himself in-and-out of consciousness*

Owner: *dazed* The store… Broke the windows… Ate all the games… The electronics… It ate ’em all!

Nurse: Sir, you're going to have calm down. You've just been hurt.

*One of the officers turned to see Eva and Jermaine standing behind the police tape and approached them, with Salamon ducking back inside Eva’s jacket so as not to be seen*

Officer: Excuse me, kids, but I’m gonna have to ask you to step back from the line, please.

Eva: *interrupts* Officer, can you tell us what happened here? Was the store robbed or something?

Officer: We're not exactly sure. But we did find something. *takes an evidence bag, shows a half eaten disk inside* A shipment of these were delivered last week, but I've never seen anything like it. The outline indicates an 'animal' bit through this, but not like anything I've heard of. Whatever did this also took all the consoles, the phones, computers, everything!

Jermaine: Does that include the Halo 3 shipment that came in today?

Officer: *shows the bag* You're looking at the last one, son. Everything else just vanished.

Jermaine: Damn it!! All those months taking out the trash and watering my Grandma's fichus wasted!

Eva: But suppose it was an animal that did it? Maybe another one of those monsters that have been rampaging the city all week.

Officer: We've been looking at a strong possibility, but we're not exactly positive until we gather enough evidence. We'll call animal control to see if we can get any leads.

Eva: Alright.

Officer: If I were you kids, I'd suggest you go home right now. With all these attacks, it's not safe on these streets no more. *surveys the store* Poor guy. Good thing this place has insurance.

Salamon: *pops her head out, quietly* This definitely looks like the work of a Digimon, guys.

Eva: *quietly* I'm starting to think so too.

Jermaine: *quietly* Yo, we gotta tell Rob and the others about this. *takes out his cell phone and starts dialing*

*Not long before they returned to the house, Jermaine and Eva had just finished telling their story to Robert and the others in the living room. Just then, a knock was heard and knowing who it was Robert opened the door allowing Kevin to enter, with BlackAgumon following close behind him*

Robert: Were you followed?

Kevin: Nah, but we did see a couple looking at us funny. I had to make an excuse that BlackAgumon was my little brother in a Halloween costume with the zipper stuck before they finally got off our backs. Anyways, what's up?

BlackAgumon: Is it another wild Digimon?

Robert: Yeah, we have reason to suspect that there's another one running loose.

Mike: The question is: Why would a Digimon eat all those electronics at GameStop?

Chris: *sighs* Why is it that all my favorite hangouts are being destroyed?

*Renamon suddenly appeared in the room, surprising the group. But most surprised toward Robert, as if he felt Renamon's presence before anyone else did*

Mike: *taken aback* Wah!! Seriously, stop doing that!

Jermaine: ‘Bout time you got here, fox girl. Where have you been?

Renamon: I've heard about the electronics store robbery and have been scouting around while avoiding detection. I can confirm your suspicions that a much stronger Digimon is somewhere in the city. And that GameStop wasn't the first place.

Robert: Any idea why it’s doing all of this?

Renamon: As far as what I 'should' tell you, a Digimon would probably require to consume any and all digital material as a way to stay in the real world for a lengthy period of time.

Chris: Explain.

Renamon: Some Digimon don't have the energy or enough data to stay in the real world. Without either-or, the Digimon dissolve into data and die.

Mike: So you mean all those other Digimon like Parrotmon, Ogremon and Kuwagamon would’ve…?

Renamon: Eventually perished from lack of data consumption, yes.

Mike: *pause* Damn…

Robert: Do YOU require to eat any electronics? Because I have an old cell phone at home that broke like over a year ago--

Renamon: I assure you that you have no reason to worry; I have no desire for your phone.

Angelomon: Me neither. Heck, I don't think ANY of us need to eat any digital equipment.

Joey: Well, why not?

*Angelomon turned to Renamon, the pair stared silently for a moment. Then Angelomon returned his attention to Joey, who remained curious about the matter*

Angelomon: That would be up to Renamon to tell you. I have no say.

Joey: *sarcastically* Oh sure, my brother's the same way.

Chris: At least I know my cell phone's safe.

Veemon: So what do we do about this new Digimon?

Robert: Well… We’ll just have to go out and try to find it ourselves.

Jermaine: Whoa, whoa. Hold the phone, dude. Now, Eva and I were lucky that Stanford didn't know about our Digimon and even more that we didn't see a patrol. But imagine how difficult it will be to take cover when he's got every patrol in every major part of the city looking for us.

Joey: He's right, bro. Heck, I'm just glad they haven't found Antylamon yet, and she's not exactly hard to miss.

Chris: *sarcastically* How fortunate that Stanford would have 'every' street on notice if he's sure to track us down.

Kevin: Besides, Rob, just how are we going to find this Digimon? For all we know, it could be scaling the rooftops of Times Square!

Robert: *to Chris* Chris, remember when a radar screen appeared on your digivice when Antylamon first appeared?

Chris: Yeah?

Robert: Well, if your digivice has a radar, then maybe the rest of us have one too. And with them, we can easily track down this new Digimon anywhere in the city.

Eva: *to Robert* And you're sure we'd be able to track it?

Robert: It has to count for something. *reaches into his coat pocket* Here goes nothing. *pulls out his digivice, looks to Chris* Do you remember which button you pushed?

Chris: Try the black button by the screen. The 'bigger' one, can't miss it.

*As Robert pressed the big black button on the digivice pad, a holographic flat scale projection of the surrounding area appeared before their eyes. Symbols represented the tamers were gathered on a square diagram representing the house. Toggling the black button, slowly rotating the map around, and after pushing one of the smaller buttons to zoom in on one spot Robert was able to discover what he was searching for. A large dot beeping on one street a couple blocks from their location, which they believe might be their target*

Jermaine: Whoa! That is so cool!

Kevin: Yeah, it is, actually.

Robert: Hmm… Maybe these smaller buttons can get me a closer look-- *presses one of the smaller buttons, which zooms the image bigger, revealing a street name* Ah, there we go.

Mike: *looks at the radar, reads the address* I know this street. That's where they sell those used electronics for cheap.

Mike: *looks at the radar, reads the address* 69 East 8th Street. That's where that AC Gears shop is.

Robert: Well then, according to the radar, that's where our culprit should be, so let's go get him!

Chris: Ahem! Are you forgetting that Stanford has every patrol in his unit searching for us?

Robert: Well that's a chance we're just going to have to take. Stanford needs to realize he's dealing with a force beyond military control. And this city 'depends' on us whether they want us or not. Come on! *runs out the door*

Chris: *dryly* Yep… We're dead.

*Regardless, the rest of the Digidestined followed Robert out of the house and into the city. But as they left, Renamon stood her ground as if something was troubling her mind. As if she an idea who was behind this, something she has kept to herself until now*

Renamon: Hmm… *disappears*

*In the heart of New York City, military vehicles were patrolling the streets of which all civilians were cleared out for them to their job. Leading the main patrol was a four-wheel military Humvee enough to carry six soldiers. The sixth was positioned standing with half his body atop the roof, positioned along a M61 Vulcan Gatling gun set for fire. Along with two other soldiers, their leader, General Stanford, sat among them discussing the latest reports of suspicious activity*

General Stanford: All right, men, listen up! We have been receiving word that something has been stealing power from every electronic appliance store in New York and is now motioning deep in the heart of the city. If my hunch is correct, it's another one of those creatures that have ransacked our home.

Soldier 1: But sir, if this creature is anything like what we've been seeing, why do we need the Vulcan up top? We already know bullets and cannon fire has no effect on these creatures.

General Stanford: If for one moment, soldier, we let these monsters think we are too weak to tackle them head-on, then humanity is doomed to extinction. We may not have the firepower to destroy whatever's out there, but so long as six thousand rounds a minute can slow it down it will prove that we can hold a fight. And I refuse to go down as the general that allowed New York to be the first city destroyed in their invasion.

Soldier 2: And what of the kids that’ve been hanging around with these monsters? What do we do if we run into them again?

General Stanford: *pause* If they fail to see the error of their blind alliance, to realize how dangerous these creatures truly are, we will have no choice but to turn them in. We must consider what is best not just for this city, but for the fate of our entire population.

*As if that marked the end of the discussion, the soldiers turned away continuing their search for suspicious activity. But the truth is: Stanford needed a reason to have a moment for himself. Turning to the window, watching the streets pass by, he considered what those kids told him the day he first met them. And all he can ask was one thing: Was everything they had done, including their alliance with these creatures, truly meant to defend this city? It was a lot to consider, but he knew it won't be long till they met again*

*While the soldiers continued their patrol, the group had arrived at the street where AC Gears stood. Upon their arrival, they stood shocked by what they saw before them. Though not the busiest street in New York, several bystanders were found cluttered along the street unconscious. Some slept on the wheels of their cars, the majority either parked or jammed into each other, a few lay along the bus benches or on the side of the buildings, and a great many simply laid flat out on the sidewalk & the road still as mannequins*

*But it wasn't just the sight of the people that drew their attention, the shop itself was completely bare except for the shattered glass and busted doors. Whichever electronic appliances there used to be had completely vanished, as if they were swiped clean in a matter of seconds*

Joey: Whoa!

Mike: Ah crap, we’re too late! *to Robert, sarcastically* Some radar you got there.

Robert: Whatever it was, it was definitely strong enough to knock out an entire block of people and steal the store's electricity all at once.

Eva: You think they're all right?

Chris: *checks a bystanders pulse along the neck* This one's unconscious, but definitely alive. Probably say the same for the others.

Kevin: Well, at least we don’t have to hide our Digimon, not with everyone passed out like they just had an after-party.

Jermaine: *sees the mess* Dang… This looks almost as bad as what happened to GameStop.

Joey: Question is: What kind of Digimon are we dealing with here?

*The gang took note of the carnage spread along the perimeter. As Eva looked around, her eyes caught a glimpse of something sticking along a glass shard. Plucking it carefully without pricking a finger on the glass, she eyed it before turning to the others*

Eva: Guys, I think I found something!

Robert: *walks over* What is it, Eva?

Eva: *shows it to Rob* It's like a piece of cotton or something.

Robert: *takes the object, examines it* It's wool.

Kevin: Wool? Like sheep's wool?

Chris: *sarcastically* No, the wool they used to stuff pillows… What do you think?

Kevin: *sarcastically* Well, excuse me!

Mike: So what the heck are we looking for, anyway? A 'Sheepmon'?

Veemon: Probably. Definitely looks like the kinda wool a Sheepmon would have.

Mike: *pause* Seriously? I was just 'kidding'!

Chris: A 'Sheepmon'? Really? It doesn't sound like it could do any harm.

Commandramon: They usually don't. Back in the Digital World, they are generally peaceful creatures and won't attack unless they were provoked. And even if they were corrupted to do so, 'Sheepmon' are herd creatures. They never travel alone.

Angelomon: One must've stumbled upon a Digital Gate and gotten lost here in New York.

Kevin: Sounds too much like a coincidence if you ask me.

Veemon: I may be a little rusty on my knowledge of Sheepmon, but I don't recall them having the ability to put anyone to sleep.

BlackAgumon: Not unless you count them.

Joey: So, what do we do now?

Eva: Well, if it’s anything like a regular sheep, then it's probably scared and confused, all alone in a big city like this.

Mike: So it's like 'Sheep in the Big City'?

Chris: *glares at Mike* Dude, nobody will 'ever' get that reference!

Mike: Emo.

Chris: *nose flares* I told you… NEVER CALL ME…

Robert: *gets in-between* GUYS!!! *calmly* Chill… This isn't going to help us find that Digimon.

Mike: Well, neither is that radar of yours.

Robert: Yeah… You'd think the radar would've… *turns to the device* Hold the phone!

*It was then that Robert noticed his device had faintly glowed, while silently vibrating. Tapping the button, the radar opens up to reveal their current position. But this time, the signal they were tracking switched to another location as if their target had been on the move*

Robert: I got the signal back, and it's moving!

Chris: *dryly* Great, more running.

Robert: Looks like it's heading for the Stereo Exchange on Broadway.

Angelomon: Well then, what are we waiting for, let's go bag us a sheep!

Robert: Hold it, Angelomon. I think it's best if we split up.

Chris: Uh, Sherlock, isn't that the one thing you 'never' do when looking for the monster?

Robert: Would you rather have people see us with our Digimon, in case they haven't been put to sleep yet, and have us arrested?

Chris: *pause, turns to Angelomon, then to Robert* Fair enough.

Robert: *to the Digimon* Okay, you guys better stick to the shadows and stay out of sight until we meet at the Apple store, got it?

Digimon: *in unison* Got it!

Robert: Good. *to the others* Okay, let's go, before we lose the signal again.

*The group proceed to burst down the street, the humans splitting toward one end with the Digmon grouped together toward the other path. Though they knew the way to get from the creature's current location from where they were would be strenuous. They just had to hope they weren't too late and hope to avoid any military patrolling the nearby streets*

Salamon: So Veemon, do you really think a Sheepmon did all this?

Veemon: To be honest, I dunno. I was just taking a wild guess.

Angelomon: Well if it is, I'm sure it's nothing we can't handle.

Salamon: *unsure* I hope so.

Commandramon: This just doesn't make any sense. I've seen Sheepmon in the wild & no power they have can put any creature to sleep, much less an entire population.

Veemon: *to Commandramon* What are you saying, exactly?

Commandramon: This is just a thought, but I've only known 'one' Digimon powerful enough to do this. That could only mean… No, it couldn't be…

Salamon: What? What is it?

Commandramon: *to the others* I fear we're dealing with a rather "powerful" Digimon.

Angelomon: Let's hope it's not who I think you're talking about.

*Several minutes or so passed before the kids finally made it to Broadway. Just as they turned a corner, they noticed something rather odd: The rear end of what looked like an enormous sheep stuck out from the store's entrance, it's front half hidden in the store*

*Those walking the streets looked in awe at the display, several onlookers curiously filming or taking pictures of the creature with their cell phones. Police officers tried to hold people back, while back-up arrived in their cars, their sirens blaring before pulling in at the scene*

Robert: Well guys, there's our culprit. *points to the sheep rear end*

Joey: Yup. Definitely looks like a sheep, alright.

Jermaine: A sheep the size of a rhino… But yeah, still definitely a sheep.

Mike: So, what do we do? We can't make a move with all those people watching. Stanford will have our necks for sure!

Eva: But we also can't have the police try to take it head on. Don't they know by now their guns can't hurt Digimon?

Chris: I doubt they’d ever consider it being harmless.

Kevin: Oh, for god’s sake. *walks over*

Robert: *hisses* Kevin! Kevin, are you crazy?! Get back here, you idiot!

*Kevin approached the area where some police tape had already covered one end of the street. With the police distractedly keeping the people at bay, Kevin slowly ducked under the barricades and cautiously approached the sheep. He put a hand by his back pants pocket where his device was kept, using the other to wave a finger at the creature*

Kevin: *whistles quietly* Here, sheepie. Good sheepie, sheepie. Come on out, Uncle Kevin won't hurt you. *to himself* God, I feel like an ass doing this.

*Though Kevin spoke quietly, one of the officers turned to see him approach the creature*

Officer: *calls out* Hey! Hey, you! Get away from there!

*Kevin, ignoring the officer, already has the device pulled halfway out of his pants. He was just fortunate the creature was preoccupied to hear the officer*

Kevin: *nervously* Okay, let's get you back to the farm and nobody has to get hurt. All right… Little fella?

*Just then, whatever commotion it was making inside, it all went silent just as quick. It suddenly started to step out, as the onlookers looked on. As it was just coming out, one of the officers saw through a tiny space to see inside the store. The glimpse of unconscious patrons caught his attention*

Officer: *silently* What the hell--

*But before he finished, the large Digimon emerged from the opening and all gasped at the sight. Its body build resembled a centaur, with the upper torso of an anthropomorphized sheep, clearly female. Large purple horns stuck from its head, matching the armor on its chest, shoulders, and arms. On her back, she wore a quiver, with a crossbow and several arrows inside. This was Pajiramon*

Kevin: *eyes widen* Ooh boy. BIG sheep… Big, CENTAUR sheep… Big, PISSED OFF looking, centaur sheep…

*The onlookers started to scream at the sight of it, several already burst running in panic. The officers kept trying to hold the peace, while others had their guns pointed and ready to fire on sight. Kevin, his digivice out, had it pointed at the creature already scanning it*

*Suddenly, a loud, thunderous, continuous bleat emitted from the creature’s mouth and blasted throughout Broadway. Glass broke from the buildings, the car windows, mirrors and traffic lights exploded. Most of the onlookers and officers within range passed out from the cry. But the kids, along with Kevin, felt the pain of the cry and tried to cover their ears for some reason not feeling the effects*

Robert: *covers his ears* AAAAHHHH!!!! MY EARS!!!!

Chris: *covers his ears* EEERRRRGGG!!!

Eva: *covers her ears and winces in pain* IT HURTS!!!!

Mike: *covers his ears* AAAAHHHH!!!! OH GOD, MAKE IT STOP!!!!

*A quarter of a way from meeting their friends, Pajiramon's thunderous bleat echoed toward the Digimon, who were quickly able to pick up the sound with their ears*

Salamon: *ears perk up* Huh? What’s that sound?

Commandramon: *eyes widen* Oh no… It's her.

Angelomon: *gulps* I was afraid you were going to say that.

Commandramon: We've gotta move, on the double! NOW!!!

Veemon: Aw man, where's Renamon when you need her?

BlackAgumon: Quit your bellyaching and come on!!

*The Digimon quickly rushed to Broadway as quickly as possible, knowing their friends were in deep trouble now aware of what they were up against*

*Meanwhile, several blocks away, the army convoy had been scouring the streets in search for their target. With General Stanford among the group, the man was determined to have this mission carried out and not to return to base empty-handed again. For public safety, he ordered his troops to clear the streets to avoid any unwanted casualties and so no civilian would get suspicious of any strange activity. They had spent hours searching for any creatures, one of the men using a radio system to track positioning frequencies. That's when they heard the ear-piercing bellow of Pajiramon*

General Stanford: Sergeant, do you hear that?

Sergeant: *rubs his ears* Sir, this whole convoy could hear it, sir. Sounds like it's on top of us. *yawns*

General Stanford: *smacks the sergeant's face* Snap out of it, soldier! Now's not the time to fall asleep! Order everyone to put their earmuffs on, now!

Sergeant: *yawns, stirs himself awake* Sir, yes sir! *turns to the other soldiers* All right, troops, you heard him! All stations proceed to have earmuffs set, on the double!!

*Quickly, and without hesitation, every soldier in the convoy put on pairs of earmuffs, as to drown out the loud sound and avoid falling asleep*

General Stanford: *puts a pair of earmuffs on* Where's it coming from?

Soldier: *adjusting the systems* The readings all over the place, sir! But based on previous charts, our target's only a few meters off our current position! *sees a change* There! Target has stopped along these coordinates!

General Stanford: *takes a look* That's Broadway!

Soldier: *shouting* Orders sir?!

General Stanford: *shouting* Proceed to specified coordinates! If you see anything out of the ordinary or anything that isn't human… *takes out a magnum and cocks it* Shoot it!

Soldiers: SIR, YES SIR!!!

*Back at Broadway, the Digidestined were relieved once the loud sound came to a sudden halt. Removing their hands from their ears, they waited for their hearing to return to normal and looked on with shock. Pajiramon's bleating had put most of the people on the street to sleep. Stepping back, Kevin tripped along the street as his digivice slid near his friends. By the time the scanning process was finished, an holographic image of Pajiramon, along with her stats, appeared*

*Robert, eyeing Kevin's digivice, walked to retrieve it while the others helped Kevin to his feet*

Robert: Let's see what we got here. *picks up the digivice and reads the stats* Pajiramon. An Ultimate level, Virus type, Exalted Beast Digimon. Her attacks are Thunder Stomp, Vahnijvala, and Treasure Bow. Her Lullaby Bleat is the reason we found all those people asleep.

Jermaine: So we can definitely say it’s not a Sheepmon, right?

Joey: Yep.

Kevin: *takes back his digivice* Another Ultimate?

Chris: *sarcastically* Oh great! And me without my sheers.

Mike: *to Robert* So… What's the plan, chief?

Robert: Uh… Well…

Mike: *eyes widen* YOU DON'T HAVE A PLAN?!?!

Robert: Hey, in case you didn’t notice, we don’t exactly have our Digimon with us, now do we?!

*Annoyed at this, Pajiramon cleared her throat, drawing the attention of the kids. She eyes the kids silently, off hand wondering why these kids weren't dropped unconscious by her own power. But still, there was another matter she needed*

Pajiramon: Where is she?

Jermaine: Well, at least now we know it talks.

Joey: I’m not sure that’s a good thing, dude.

Pajiramon: I said… Tell me 'where' she is, or I destroy one of you.

Robert: 'Who' exactly are you referring to?

Pajiramon: The one who was tracked to this very location. The one who betrayed our cause. The only reason for me being here. The one they call… Renamon.

Robert: eyes widen Renamon?

Chris: So I'm guessing this means you're ‘not’ a wild Digimon, are you?

*Suddenly, Pajiramon pulled out her crossbow and from her quiver, she notched a set of arrows ready to fire, as a finger lay on the trigger*

Pajiramon: I ask the questions. Where is Renamon hiding? Tell me or one of you dies first!

Mike: *quietly, to Robert* Dude, she's got a crossbow!

Robert: *quietly, to Mike* I can see that!

Kevin: *quietly, to Robert* Well then, DO something, man, before one of us gets it!

Robert: *quietly, to Kevin* I'm TRYING to!

Pajiramon: *calls out* I know you're here, Renamon! Show yourself by the count of three or another one of your allies gets an arrow through their head! ONE...

Robert: Whoa, whoa! Let's take it easy! Look, we don't know where Renamon is or what she ever did to you. But whatever it is, I'm sure we can work this out. Now, if you would be so kind as to put down your weapon, perhaps we could negotiate.

Pajiramon: *looks around* Two…

Robert: Seriously, I don't know what good it is with the whole countdown routine. Because it only inevitably builds up to the part where--

???: Fire in the hole!!

Pajiramon: *looks up* Huh?

*Suddenly, BAM! A rocket launched from a rocket launcher flew out from out of nowhere and hit Pajiramon straight in the abdomen, casting a small explosion. Caught by surprise, the force was so strong it sent Pajiramon crashing into a nearby car while the heroes were knocked flat on their backs*

Pajiramon: *grunts in pain*

Robert: Ugh… Yeah, that would happen!

Jermaine: *looks over* Commandramon?

*The group and Pajiramon turn, but it wasn't who neither thought it was. From a nearby military convoy, a soldier held a smoking rocket launcher in his hands. Armed soldiers held the rest of their arsenal aimed at their targets, riding by in armored Humvees and jeeps. And in the lead was General Stanford himself*

Robert: Oh crap…

Soldier 1: Sir, direct hit! But the target is still alive!

General Stanford: We got it's attention! That's good enough for me.

Soldier 2: Sir! *points to Robert and the others* It's those kids who were defending that giant rabbit with those other creatures!

General Stanford: What?! *looks through his binoculars, groans* Damn those kids. Should’ve known it wouldn’t have been long before we saw them again.

Sergeant: Orders, sir?

General Stanford: Remove those kids from the field, on the double! We'll deal with them as soon as we roast that over-sized sheep!

Sergeant: Sir, yes, sir! *to the soldiers* Soldiers, remove the civilians from range of fire. All others, surround the target and prepare to fire on the general's mark! Move, move, move!!

*Quickly, a small band of soldiers rushed towards the kids while Pajiramon was picking herself off the ground. Against their protests, the soldiers dragged them away while others armed with M16 assault rifles surrounded the Ultimate Level creature on all sides. They cocked their guns and aimed at Pajiramon, awaiting Stanford's orders*

Chris: *struggling in soldier’s grip* Hey, let us go, you stupid assholes!!

Robert: *struggles in headlock* You have no idea what you're dealing with!

Eva: *dragged back* ROB!!!

General Stanford: All right, men! OPEN FIRE!!!

*The troops fired their guns at Pajiramon; unfortunately, their bullets bounce off not only her armor but her body as well. After it was over and all their guns clicked empty, Pajiramon stood unfazed and unhurt, brushing herself off*

Pajiramon: Was that supposed to hurt me? THUNDER STOMP!!!

*Pajiramon reared up and stomped her front hooves severely onto the asphalt, all the soldiers, along with those nearby were knocked flat on the ground. The vehicles rumbled as the soldiers tried to keep hold on the sides, staring in shock that their troops were brought down easily*

Chris: *to a solider* Finest troops in the military, aren't they?

Solider: Shut it!

General Stanford: All right… Time to bring out the Vulcan.

Sergeant: *salutes* Yes, sir! *shouts* Prepare the Vulcan!

*The soldiers adjusted the Vulcan for aiming position, as Stanford climbed behind the gun, loading and cocking it. Both he and Pajiramon stared fiercely, waiting to see who would make the first move*

Kevin: This ought to be interesting.

Pajiramon: Humph! Old fool… You truly think that toy of yours will have any affect on me when your other weapons have proven otherwise on those who have come before?

General Stanford: *to the soldiers* Cross your fingers, boys!

*Stanford's fellow soldiers gave a nod and braced for a fight, holding on as Pajiramon scratched her hoof on the street preparing to charge*

General Stanford: EAT LEAD, SHEEP!!!

*Stanford pulled the trigger as a barrage of glowing red hot bullets flew towards Pajiramon. The Digimon suddenly stumbled backwards, as the bullets bounced along her body. She covered her face with her arms to avoid the bullets, which shattered nearby windows and vehicles behind her*

General Stanford: GET ME CLOSER!!!

Driver: Yes, sir!!

*The driver softly pressed his boot along the pedal, the truck slowly peddling towards Pajiramon, who held her ground against the onslaught. Stanford continued to fire the Vulcan at the creature, seemingly having control*

Kevin: Damn, that's some heavy artillery Stanford's got.

Mike: Yeah, he’s actually managing to push her back with it.

Chris: *dryly* It's not going to last.

Pajiramon: Ugh, enough of this! *charges toward the vehicle*

Driver: Sir, she's heading straight for us!!

General Stanford: PUT IT IN REVERSE!!!!

*Barely able to hear Stanford, the driver switched the gears to reverse. The vehicle burst with speed backwards, as Stanford kept firing the Vulcan towards Pajiramon while attempting to hold it straight. The remaining soldiers and kids could only watch as Pajiramon pursued the vehicle*

*Unfortunately, Pajiramon proved too fast for Stanford's vehicle and soon picked up speed. Stanford, seeing this, ducked back inside just as Pajiramon rammed the front end with her horns. The vehicle was sent hurdling in a loop before landing on it's back bumpers, before dropping on all four wheels. Those inside were knocked unconscious, as Pajiramon approached*

Soldier: GENERAL!!!

Eva: *eyes widen* Oh my god!!

Pajiramon: *to the soldiers* Next time, stay out of my way!

Chris: *to the soldiers* If I were you guys, this is the part where I'd tuck in my tail and retreat.

Robert: *to the soldiers* Let us go and we can help them! If you don't, they are going to DIE!!!

Soldier: *releases Robert* To hell with this! If the General dies, it's on you kids!

*The rest of the soldiers released the remaining kids, returning to their remaining unit while the kids stood ready to confront the creature. As Pajiramon picked up her discarded crossbow, she turned to address the kids*

Pajiramon: You children are in big trouble!

Jermaine: Wrong, lady! It's YOU who are in big trouble!

Robert: We’re still willing to negotiate with you if you cease this hostility. If not, then we’ll have no choice but to destroy you.

Pajiramon: You don't scare me, boy!

Mike: Oh no? Well you wouldn't be saying that if you knew what we did to all the Digimon who came before you!

Pajiramon: Oh, I am well aware of your reputation. 'We' know all about how you've interfered in our personal affairs. But there's only one I am looking for and with her gone, taking you all out will be too easy.

Chris: And what makes you think we're just gonna let you get to her?

Pajiramon: You wouldn't dare to challenge me, human! Unlike those ignorant wild ones you've defeated, I am a highly skilled warrior with years of training and killed many that stood in my way. You will be no different.

???: That's what you think! M16 Assassin!!

*A barrage of bullets, as if from a handheld assault rifle, bounced off of Pajiramon's backside. She turned around to see Commandramon and the other Digimon appear, ready to confront the Ultimate level fiend*

Robert: About time you guys got here!

Mike: What took ya so damn long?!

Commandramon: *sweat drops* Kind've got turned around a couple blocks.

Veemon: But we're here now!

BlackAgumon: And ready to kick this overgrown lamb chop's woolly butt!!

Pajiramon: Humph… So, you're the pathetic little Digimon who answer to humans. Or should I say…traitors!

Angelomon: Better a traitor than a heartless murderer like you! CATHERINE WHEEL!! *hits Pajiramon in the face*

Pajiramon: Ugh! How dare you?! *swats Angelomon*

Angelomon: *goes flying* AAAAHHHH!!!! *crashes through a shop window*

Chris: *eyes widen* ANGELOMON!!!

Angelomon: *dizzily climbs out of the broken window, to Pajiramon* That's not right! You're supposed to get hurt!

Salamon: I got her!

Veemon: You sure, Salamon? I mean, this is kinda your first battle, y’know.

Salamon: Hopefully not my last. Sledge Crash!

*Salamon rammed towards Pajiramon, hitting her hoof at full speed. Though it drew her attention, it hardly felt more than a slap to the knee*

Pajiramon: You're kidding… You're kidding, right?

Salamon: Petty Punch!

*Salamon leapt up and rapidly started punching Pajiramon's face with a barrage of swift punches*

Eva: Salamon, be careful!!

Pajiramon: Insolent pup! *swats Salamon aside like a fly*

Eva: NO!!!

Salamon: *hits the ground* OW!! Ooh…

Pajiramon: *raises her hooves* I will crush you for this!


*Suddenly, a light emitted from Eva's pocket, which was revealed to be her digivice glowing as Salamon's body illuminated with a bright light. Before Pajiramon knew it, a transformation began to take place*

Salamon: *digivolves* Salamon digivolve to…

*Suddenly, a small Digimon that resembled a white cat took Salamon's place. It had large ears, purple stripes, yellow gloves with claws, and a golden ring at the end of her tail. This was Salamon's Champion form, Gatomon*

Gatomon: GATOMON!!! *leaps to a fighting stance, inches from Pajiramon*

Angelomon: *in awe* Wow… So awesome!

Mike: What the-?! She’s a cat now?! How does she go from being a dog to being a cat?! What the hell kind of sense does that make?!

Chris: Mike, after what's been going on right now, does that REALLY MATTER?!?!

Joey: *pulls out his digivice and scans Gatomon* Gatomon. A Champion level, Vaccine type, Holy Beast Digimon. Attacks are Lightning Paw and Cat's Eye Hypnotism.

Jermaine: Isn't she kinda small to be a Champion level Digimon?

Gatomon: I may be small, but I'm strong enough to kick this sheep's butt!

Pajiramon: Congratulations, little one. You finally managed to digivolve… But it won't be enough to stop me!!

Gatomon: Maybe…but I'm willing to give it a shot! *leaps up at Pajiramon's face* Lightning Paw!! *punches Pajiramon hard in the face with a glowing paw*

Pajiramon: Ugh… Why you worthless--! *swats Gatomon aside with her hand*

Gatomon: *flips through the air and lands gently on her feet* I'm not going to back down that easily!

Kevin: Wow, she’s certainly got spunk.

Joey: But even with a Champion, we're still not strong enough!

Mike: Then how about TWO Champions?! *pulls out his digivice* Veemon, DIGIVOLVE!!!

Veemon: *digivolves* Veemon digivolve to…ExVeemon!!

Joey: Whoa!!

Jermaine: Dude, Veemon's a dragon now?! That is so cool, man!

Pajiramon: *sees ExVeemon* Impossible!! *aims her crossbow*

ExVeemon: VEE-LASER!!!

Pajiramon: BLAST!!!

*Pajiramon swiftly dodged the oncoming assault, retaliating with one of her signature attacks*

Pajiramon: TREASURE BOW!! *shoots double-edged golden arrows at ExVeemon*

ExVeemon: WHOA!!! *moves to the side, the arrows soar past* Hey, you could poke someone's eye out with those!

Pajiramon: That's the idea, you winged buffoon!

Commandramon: Hang in there, soldier!! *raises his right arm with a small gun connected to it* STRIKE CLAW!!! *a red laser beam shoots out and hits Pajiramon in the shoulder*

Pajiramon: *in pain* Urg!!

Commandramon: *smiles* Ha!! Got ya!!

Jermaine: Dude… She's still standing!

Commandramon: Hey, I'm just lucky I was able to hurt her at all! Don't take this from me!

Pajiramon: *swats Commandramon to the side with her arm* Insolent little reptile!!

Commandramon: *lands hard on the asphalt* AUGH!!! I'm okay! Don't worry about me!

Pajiramon: *aims her crossbow* Prepare to become extinct.

???: *calls out* DIAMOND STORM!!!

*Suddenly, a glowing barrage of diamond shaped shards rained down from the heavens. Pajiramon tried to block, but several shards scratched along her wool coat and armor*

Pajiramon: AUGH!!! *eyes widen at a familiar sight* You!!

*Materializing before the tamers and the Digimon, Renamon stood before Pajiramon, growling at the enemy that stood before her*

Robert: Renamon!

Pajiramon: I knew you'd be here… The traitor of ALL traitors!

Renamon: *sarcastically* It's good to see you too, Pajiramon.

Pajiramon: I've waited so long for this moment.

Renamon: Pajiramon, you have no business here! Return to where you came, and no one gets hurt!

Pajiramon: You are in position to give orders anymore. You no longer deserve the rank of General! But 'I' do… And now I have a chance to earn it back!

Renamon: Funny that you came here without any of your troops, or have you purposely chosen to face me alone?

Pajiramon: So long as I return with proof of your termination, this trip will all be worth it. I refuse to leave until my work is done!

Renamon: We don't have to do this! Leave the humans alone or else.

*The other Digimon, minus a still recovering Angelomon, stood beside Renamon as back-up in the event that Pajiramon were to strike. She eyed them down, one-by-one, yet even with the odds against her, she didn't kneel. In the corner of her eye, she spotted an injured General Stanford crawling out from the destroyed Humvee*

Pajiramon: Hmm… *smirks* I know you can't hurt me, Renamon… *walks over to the crashed Humvee, picks up Stanford in her grip, squeezes him tightly in both hands* So long as I have a shield!!

Sergeant: *eyes widen* General! *pulls out a magnum, aims at Pajiramon* PUT HIM DOWN, NOW!!!

Pajiramon: *laughs evilly* Just try and stop me, if you can! But if you shoot me… *motions to Stanford* He dies.

*The other soldiers, seeing Stanford in trouble, aimed their weapons at Pajiramon*

Sergeant: *to the soldiers* NO!!! Stand down! That's an order!

Pajiramon: Hmm… *smiles* Smart human.

General Stanford: *gagging* S-S-Somebody… I don't care who…. Shoot…this BITCH!!

BlackAgumon: What do we do? We can't attack without hitting the general!

Pajiramon: There is nothing you pitiful fools can do. Except… *squeezes tighter* Watch this pitiful waste die slowly and painfully.

General Stanford: *gagging* Wh-What are you waiting for? *coughs* Shoot her… NOW!!!

*Gatomon stood trying to figure out what to do. She then turned to the side to see that Angelomon was just recovering. They acknowledged each other silently, their eyes glistening and at that moment, a plan unfurled*

Gatomon: *bounds toward Pajiramon* NYAH!!!

Eva: Sala-- I mean, Gatomon, wait!!

Gatomon: Lightning Paw!!

*Gatomon slashed her claws across Pajiramon's face, who screamed in pain. She released Stanford to hold her face, as he fell, Angelomon flew through the air and clutched the General by his shirt collar, landing him out of harm's way. Once the General was safe, Angelomon flew toward Pajiramon*

Angelomon: DIVEBOMB!!!

Pajiramon: *is hit in the abdomen* URG!!!!

BlackAgumon: Pepper Breath!!

Pajiramon: *is hit and singed in the face* Augh!! Now you've made me mad!! *aims her crossbow* TREASURE BOW!!! *fires a couple rounds*

Angelomon: *dodges all the arrows in mid-air* Hyah!!

Kevin: Look out!!

*Kevin quickly managed to push BlackAgumon aside, as the arrows pierced the ground where he stood*

Pajiramon: Blast!

BlackAgumon: Whew! Thanks, Kev!

*Pajiramon continued firing arrows toward the Digimon, each time trying to hit her targets. While she was distracted, Chris snuck from behind her, pulling out his Swiss Army knife from his pants pocket. He climbed to the top of a truck and managed to find a landing spot*

*Then, he jumped atop of her back and when Pajiramon realized, she bucked about like a bronco at a rodeo. Chris managed to hold on with one arm around her shoulders and repeatedly attempts to stab the creature trying to find a weak spot*

Chris: How do you like me now, Lamb Chop?!

Robert: Chris, what the hell are you doing?!

Pajiramon: Ugh!! Get off me, you filthy human!!

*Enraged, Pajiramon made a strong buck, sending Chris flying off her back. His body hurdled into a nearby car, violently hitting the ground. His knife let loose from his hand, rolling just out of reach*

Chris: *in pain* Oh… CRAP!!!

*Chris tried to roll away, but Pajiramon reached out to him and clutched him by the back of the neck. He held her hand, trying to lessen the hold, only to find his body lifted off the ground and he dangled helplessly as Pajiramon kept a tight grip*

Angelomon: CHRIS!!! *tears form in his eyes*

Eva: She's gonna kill him!!

Robert: NO!!!!

Pajiramon: I may have lost my bargaining chip, but now I've gained another! *turns to Renamon* Call off your soldiers, Renamon… Or I swear by my code, I’ll snap his neck like a twig!

*Chris struggled to loosen the Digimon's grip, but as with Stanford it was too strong. The team could only watch helplessly as their friend's strength begin to fade. As Stanford was carried off by the Sergeant, he saw the boy on the verge of death*

Angelomon: Chris! NO!!!

Chris: AN-ANGELMON!!! *gags* RUN… RUN AWAY!!!

Pajiramon: Silence, human!!! *squeezes tighter*

Chris: AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Angelomon: *determined* No!! I won't run away! You're my partner… And I'll never leave you!!

*Just then, Chris' digivice began to glow bright white, as well as Angelomon. The group, their Digimon, and the military looked on in awe at what was happening before them*

Eva: *gasps* Oh my god!

Robert: Oh boy… Here we go again!

Pajiramon: *confused* What the--?

Angelomon: *digivolves* Angelomon digivolve to…PLUSANGELOMON!!!!

*Pajiramon's eyes widened at the sight of the new Digimon known as PlusAngelomon. He was tall, stood up on his hind legs, and resembled a golden wolf with a pair of white angel wings on his back and a bright yellow crucifix on his chest. He also wore gray fingerless gloves and a spiked collar around his neck, along with two more on each ankle*

General Stanford: *looks up* By God…

Robert: *pulls out his digivice, scans PlusAngelomon* PlusAngelomon. A Champion level, Vaccine Type, Angel Digimon. Attacks are Plus Beam, Crucifixion, and Cross Cutter.

PlusAngelomon: Pajiramon… Release my partner… NOW!!!

Pajiramon: You think you can intimidate me? It matters not how many forms you or your comrades take; you will all fall before my power!

PlusAngelomon: I don't think so… PLUS BEAM!!!! *fires a laser beam from the crucifix on his chest at Pajiramon*

Pajiramon: *is hit in the abdomen, in extreme pain* AAAAHHHH!!!! *lets go of Chris, his limp body falls to the ground*

PlusAngelomon: Hyah!! *runs over and catches Chris before he hit's the ground* Chris… Chris, are you okay? *shakes him* Chris!!

Chris: *coughs, looks up to PlusAngelomon* A-Angelomon? Is that you? *pales* Or did I go to the other place?

PlusAngelomon: *smiles* Since when did you believe in the “other place”?

Chris: *nods, to Rob* He knows me.

Pajiramon: *growls* You are unwise to turn your back on your opponent! *aims her crossbow* TREASURE BOW!!! *fires several arrows toward PlusAngelomon*

PlusAngelomon: Hyah!! *knocks the arrows away with his hand* Maybe not.

Pajiramon: Thunder Stomp!!

PlusAngelomon: *to Chris* Hold on!!

Chris: What?

*Holding Chris, PlusAngelomon leapt into the air avoiding the shock wave. Chris held on as PlusAngelomon looked down upon Pajiramon*

PlusAngelomon: I may only be a Champion, but you're the one who's weak!

Pajiramon: You don't know what you're talking about, mutt! Alone, you'll always be a weakling!

PlusAngelomon: *lands back on the ground in front of the other kids* Here, keep Chris safe for me.

Robert: Don’t worry, we will.

Mike: Go get him, Angelomon!

PlusAngelomon: It's PLUS-Angelomon, now!

Mike: Whatever. *leans onto Chris, moves him back*

PlusAngelomon: *to the other Digimon* Come on, guys, let’s get her!!

ExVeemon: Yeah, it's butt-kicking time!!!

Gatomon: All right!!

*The Digimon charged toward Pajiramon, firing everything they've got to bend her to her knees. As small explosions and scratch marks penetrated along her body, she held her arms out attempting to block the ongoing attack*

PlusAngelomon: CRUFIXION!!!

*A cross of light appeared around his chest and punched Pajiramon so hard, her crossbow slipped from her grip*

Pajiramon: AAAHHH!!! Ugh… *staggers*

*Bending down, Pajiramon saw her crossbow and lunged for it*

ExVeemon: VEE-LASER!!! *quickly incinerates her weapon*

Pajiramon: *slams her fists onto the asphalt* NO!!!!

ExVeemon: Let's see you fight without your little toy!

Pajiramon: *in-between breaths* Don't you get it? I'm more than just another Ultimate… I represent a higher power you'd never imagine… Do what you want with me, but know this… Even as I die, you Champions will never understand what true power means.

*The group just stood there silently waiting to make the next move. Yet Pajiramon continued, as if it was the end*

Pajiramon: Don't believe me? *points to Renamon* Ask the one I once called…my superior.

Robert: *looks to Renamon* What?

Pajiramon: *sighs* I can't go back now… If I return like this, he'll know I failed… And I'll still be destroyed either way… What's one life in comparison to millions? *turns to the Digimon* What are you waiting for? Do it…

ExVeemon: *to PlusAngelomon* Should we?

PlusAngelomon: *uneasy* Well… Uh…

Renamon: She wants a General's death!

*The Champion level Digimon turned to Renamon, who looked toward Pajiramon with a tear steaming down her face*

Renamon: She knows when she's done; she deserves a merciful slaying.

*They turned back toward Pajiramon, who crouched waiting for her end to come. Yet they began to hesitate, because even after all she did, the lives she almost killed and the destruction she left, destroying her in this state made them uncomfortable. The hardest thing that even they could ever do*

Pajiramon: *her face shakes, her anger rises* DO IT!!!!

PlusAngelomon: *nods* Very well… *takes a deep breath* PLUS BEAM!!!!

ExVeemon: VEE-LASER!!!

*Simultaneously, the two attacks swerved toward her from both ends, as Pajiramon released her last breath and closed her eyes. The impact striking her down, her body dissolving into date. The Champions absorbed the data into their bodies, as Renamon turned away*

Renamon: *silently* I'm sorry…

PlusAngelomon: *sighs* It is done…

Gatomon: *shocked* Oh, Angelomon…

Chris: *walks up to his partner* This probably isn't the best time, but… Thanks.

PlusAngelomon: *to Chris* I'm just glad you're okay.

*Chris walked back, but they could obviously see the pain on his face. He coughed to clear his throat, but it still hurt from when Pajiramon gagged him. He could barely breath*

Robert: *holds Chris under his shoulder* It's okay, dude. You'll be fine.

*Just then, the kids and their Digimon turned to see the soldiers slowly and cautiously approaching the group. Two soldiers walked behind General Stanford, who was still recovering from that little incident with Pajiramon. Still, he refused any help and stepped ahead of his troupe until he and the Digidestined stared each other down face-to-face*

Robert: *sighs* Well, General… I guess there’s no use running now. Looks like you got us. *holds out his hands, as if about to be handcuffed* In that case, we surrender.

*General Stanford turned to each teen, eyeing them carefully. Neither one said a word, for fear of what could happen. He then turned his attention to PlusAngelomon, the tall figure looked down toward the General. After some pondering, he turned back to Robert*

General Stanford: No… Not yet.

The Kids: *in unison* Huh?

General Stanford: Don't assume this changes how I feel. But you did save my life and for that I owe you this.

Robert: But now do you believe we are telling the truth, that my friends and I are only trying to do the right thing?

General Stanford: It's clear to me now that more creatures, as evil and destructive, will keep coming to this city. We don't know how they got here or why, but it seems the only ones who know what we're dealing with are standing in front of me. Our chance for survival rests in you all, at least give me that reason to trust you.

*Robert said nothing and looked to the others, seeing if they too would approve of Stanford's proposition. Some of them looked a bit uncertain of the situation, considering their last encounter with the military. But, at the same time, they couldn't help but feel that it was the closest to gratitude as they could get. At the very least, they did appreciate their services on this day. The one who stepped up to Robert was Renamon, who gave an approving nod to Robert. It was as if he knew what she meant without words and turned back to Stanford*

Robert: Just remember who we are, General: My friends are neither pets nor simple creatures. They represent a proud race, loyal to me and my friends through and through. Willing to put their lives at risk for the safety of others and we come to learn from them as they learn from us. It's only through teamwork and trust that they stand by our side today. They are Digimon and you…may call us…The Digimon Heroes.

General Stanford: This won't be the last we see of you. Show us where your loyalty lies, Digimon Heroes. *turns to his soldiers* Alright, men, back to base!

*The soldiers saluted and marched away, driving off in their armored vehicles as the General rode in another pick-up. Once the last convoy left, only Robert and the others remained, with PlusAngelomon and ExVeemon de-digivolving back to their Rookie forms*

Mike: *raises an eyebrow* 'The Digimon Heroes'? Seriously, Rob?

Robert: What? *shrugs* I think it has a kick to it.

Chris: *sighs* God, you’re such a dork. I think I liked you better when you wore black.

Eva: Hey… *looks around* Where'd Renamon go?

*They turned to where Renamon stood moments before, but found that she had disappeared. They had hoped to ask why that Digimon kept referring to Renamon as a "General", but now she was nowhere to be seen no matter which direction they turned*

Robert: Hmm… *turns to the Digimon* Guys… I know you’re keeping something about Renamon from us. What is it?

Angelomon: Uh… *turns to the others, uncertain*

Gatomon: *shakes her head* I don't know anything.

Veemon: We're not the right Digimon to ask.

Commandramon: Even if we knew, it's, what you call, "classified".

Robert: Well it almost got Chris killed!

Chris: Frankly, Rob, I'm not surprised for the secrecy. It's all routine at this point.

Eva: *puts a hand on Robert's shoulder* Maybe it's for the best we respect Renamon's privacy and, give it time…she'll tell us what we need to know.

Robert: *sighs* I hope you’re right, Eva. I really do.
Digimon: Heroes Episode 6
Episode 6 of Digimon: Heroes. As the newly formed Digimon Heroes get to know one another, a series of electronic store robberies build up in the shopping district area. Things get complicated when the military gets added in the middle. Can the Military trust our heroes, or will our heroes fall?

EDIT: Fixed up the episode with the help of :iconwrestlemaniac829:
Chapter 11

Bows and arrows in hand, the three explorers walked out into the heart of the Pride Lands, where, the lions had told them the best herds of wildebeest, antelope and zebras could be found. With the lionesses having finished their hunting for the day, they now had the entire hunting ground all to themselves. The hunt was on.

“Josh, why are we out here hunting big animals?” asked Chen, “We came here to study the wildlife, not hunt it!” Josh, who wished his friend would keep his voice down, least he reveal their presence to the animals and spoil the hunt, whispered back.

“We have to eat, Chen. We have no more canned supplies left; unless we kill to eat, like Simba said we must, we’ll soon starve. It’s simply the law of nature.”

“But surely, we could settle for some of the smaller animals, at least?” suggested Denzel, “You know, like those rabbits you caught us on our first night out of Nairobi?”

“We can’t hold out on rodents forever, Denzel,” Josh insisted, “Like it or not, we’re part of the food chain. Killing for sport is wrong and immoral, like my own mentor used to say; but there’s nothing wrong with killing to eat. It’s simply a fact of life.” But Denzel and Chen, not realizing that Josh meant to impress their lion hosts more than anything, seemed really annoyed at Josh’s apparent cold-heartedness.

“What happened to your ‘no hunting’ terms you specified when we first left England?” asked Chen coolly. Josh ignored him however and got his bow ready. He would prove his worth to Simba once and for all, if it was the last thing he ever did.

Taking cover behind a large rock, they spotted a herd of a dozen Lesser Kudus grazing nearby, completely oblivious to their presence. Josh fed an arrow into his bow, while Denzel and Chen, armed with spears, took positions around the perimeter, preparing for their attack.

Noiselessly approaching the herd, Josh pulled back on the bow-string, selecting a target. This sort of thing wasn’t new to him after all; when he had lived with the Apache as a boy, he had learned how to hunt without the need for a gun, following the ancient traditions of the Native Americans: kill to eat but live in harmony with Mother Nature. Picking his target – a plump Kudu buck -, he prepared to fire.

So far, the prize seemed his; but then, distracted by his silent gloating over his imminent triumph, Josh’s foot crunched down on a twig, startling the herd and sending it scattering in alarm. The arrow flew through the air, missing the target and hitting a nearby tree instead. Josh cursed.

“What’s the matter, Josh, changed your mind?” asked Denzel, eyebrows raised, as the three explorers stared at the fleeing animals scattering across the savannah.

Josh turned to Denzel, furious, “Shut up! I’m just a tad bit out of practice with the bow and arrow. It’s been ten years… But I’ll be bringing back a kill big enough to feed the whole Union Army before sundown, or my name isn’t Joshua Elias Cody!”  

“What about the talking animals, Josh?” the Chinaman reminded the Texan, foreseeing a possible complication, “We did swear an oath of harmony with nature to Lebo when we took that potion, remember? Perhaps he’s testing us this way, to see whether we hold true to that pledge…?” But Josh wasn’t listening, as he led them away to another game trail to renew the hunt.

Spotting a herd of Roan antelope, the hunting party took up their positions once again. Making sure his old training from Apache hunters was at peak performance this time, Josh strung another arrow, aiming for a young doe grazing nearby. And this time the aim was true. The arrow found its target in the creature’s flank, sending her crashing to the ground with a cry of pain.

As the rest of the herd scattered, the three hunters sprang at their pray. Josh fell upon the injured doe, pinning her to the ground with the skill of an experienced Apache hunter and draw its knife, preparing to slit the beast’s throat and claim his prize.

"Please, don't kill me! I have children; they need me! I can‘t leave them now!" At the sound of the antelope’s pleading voice, Josh felt as if his arm had suddenly turned to stone. Knife still firmly poised over his intended victim’s throat, he hesitated, suddenly feeling unable to do something he had done on so many occasions in the past. In his hastiness to impress Simba and the others, he had failed to take into consideration what Chen had, only minutes ago, pointed out to him: ever since taking Lebo’s magic potion, they could hear all these animals talking like fellow human beings.

Being a sheriff and cowboy, Josh had killed before; but that had always been in the case of bloodthirsty bandits and in self-defense; to go ahead and kill this antelope, which he knew could think and feel like a person, made him feel as if about to commit cold-blooded murder!

“Please, I’m begging you,” the antelope continued to plead with him, tears of fear and pain rolling down her face, looking desperate and utterly terrified, “I don’t want to die! Spare me…!” Josh felt himself about to be sick; for a brief second, his mind played a horrible trick on him and he imagined the fallen antelope at his feet was actually a human being he had just gunned down! No, he couldn’t go ahead with this! Not giving himself a chance to reconsider, he hurryingly reached out and pulled the arrow out of his would-be prey’s hind leg. The wound was bleeding bad, but luckily wasn’t too serious. Standing back to give her some space, he called, “Go on, get out of here, you’re free!”

The antelope shakily managed to stand, limping slightly from the arrow wound, but still able to walk on her own power. She stared in amazement at Josh.

“I said get out of here!” Josh half-yelled, “Before I change my mind! Go!” The antelope gave him a brief nod, which Josh interpreted as an undying thanks for his mercy, before she turned and disappeared out into the savannah. Josh turned to look at his two companions, who were staring at him in mild astonishment.

“Whatever did you do that for, Josh?” Their friend’s distraught expression pretty much summarized everything; he had chosen to go hungry, not to mention make himself look utterly pitiful, after all this having to beg the Pride for food, simply because he appreciated Lebo’s gift of living in harmony with nature. Deciding it best not to push it further, he and Chen followed Josh back towards Pride Rock.


Upon their return to Pride Rock, the three explorers met with a crowd of bewildered and, in some cases, indignant lions. Kovu rolled his eyes at the three explorers, “Well, what’s the matter? Can’t hunt your own food? Thought you’d come back here begging for scraps?” Josh didn’t answer him as he stared at the ground.

“Well, aren’t you going to answer?” the large lion demanded, seemingly offended at being given a cold shoulder. At this, Josh, frustrated to breaking point, rounded on the raven-maned lion.

"Tell me something: Has any animal you ever hunted begged for mercy, begged for you not to kill it, pleaded with you to spare its life? Do you ever take one moment to note the tears of fear in its eyes? Does that thought ever come to you the second before you sink your teeth in and rip its throat out? Would you still kill if it was me?” Without another word, he turned and walked away, followed by Denzel and Chen, leaving Kovu speechless.

He stared after the retreating human, wondering whether he had done something wrong. But how could he have? All visitors to Pride Rock were expected to hunt their own food, to earn their keep. And these humans couldn’t be trusted – no human for that matter. Someone else however, thought otherwise.

“Kovu!” snapped Kiara indignantly, scolding her mate, “That was not a very nice thing to say!” Kovu’s expression remained cold as stone.

“Kiara, they are humans! They hunt and kill everything in their path without reason, they took away my sis--”

“They have done nothing!” Kiara interrupted him, gesturing in the direction of Josh and his friends, “I wasn’t so sure about them either until I got to know them a little better – or at least Rosa talked me into it.“ She sighed. “Look, I know what happened to Vitani upset you – it upset us all -, but why must you continue taking it out on them? They are not to blame for what happened to her, Kovu! You can’t hold it against them.” Kovu’s expression remained unchanged, implying he didn’t see eye to eye with his mate on this one, not in the least. Realizing her mate was being confronted by his own inner demons, Kiara spoke in a more sympathetic tone.

“When you first came to live at Pride Rock, I persuaded Daddy to give you a chance, knowing there was good in you. Why can’t you give them a chance too?” Kovu’s hardened expression seemed to soften a little at those words… But only a little.

“Kiara, maybe I’m wrong about them; but I just can’t bear the thought of seeing you or Rosa hurt because I let my guard down.”

“Well, why don’t you just get to know them a little better and see for yourself? Our little Rosa sure did find a good friend in Josh.” With that, she turned and left him, leaving Kovu lost deep in thought…

Not too far away, Simba was watching the whole thing with interest, not knowing what to make of it. These humans actually had qualms about killing their own prey. From a lion’s point of view, this might seem ridiculous, even laughable, but not from Simba’s. Looking at them now, they actually didn’t seem like the type that meant the pride harm, as they first seemed; after all, how could they be dangerous if they didn’t have the stomach of killing for their food? Then again, could this be some kind of trick to gain their trust? Sometimes, he wished his father was still here, to advice him...

He watched as a downcast Josh walked away. Should he go after him? As if noticing his hesitation, Nala appeared beside him.

“She’s right, you know,” she said, gesturing at their daughter chastising Kovu for his lack of sympathy towards the humans. “Go on, make your move.” Finally, Simba gritted his teeth and hurried after Josh. Nala was right; the type for keeping his distance and staying neutral was over. He was the king of the Pride Lands and if these humans were indeed worthy of his trust, then he’d be damned if he continued making a fool of himself by not returning their friendship in kind.


Josh meanwhile had rejoined Denzel and Chen at their camp beneath Pride Rock. Today’s first hunt had been nothing less than a disaster. All three of them were hungry and there was no more food left in their packs. It was way past nightfall by now so there were no more herds within sight out in the savannah for another hunt. It seemed Lebo’s magic of allowing them to talk to animals was as much a blessing as it was a curse when it came down to their humanity. As humans, they possessed emotions of pity, which lions, accustomed to living by nature’s harsh law of survival of the fittest, didn’t have. And that was what made humans different from animals.

Resigning themselves to going to sleep hungry, rather than make another fuss with their lion hosts and perhaps get into their bad books, the three explorers got their blankets ready in silence. Perhaps they could make another run in the morning, and this time, get it right. Josh was just about to place his hat over his eyes, trying to ignore his growling stomach, when he heard footsteps approaching. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the outline of Simba, dragging something heavy towards them. It was the carcass of a freshly killed wildebeest!

Josh yelped and jumped to his feet in shock as Simba dragged the prey into the firelight. The explorers immediately recognized it as one of the wildebeests the lionesses had brought back from their hunt. Josh was utterly dumbstruck. What was going on here? Why was Simba bringing them food? The majestic red-maned lion turned to face them, looking rather uncomfortable.

“There was still some left, so I thought you might want… Anyway, enjoy.” The explorers didn’t know what to say.

“Your Majesty, really, there is no need…” Denzel tried to say, but Simba had already turned and left without another word.

They gathered around the dead wildebeest, or rather the bottom half of it which was left from the lions’ feast. Josh drew his knife but then hesitated, the memory of the incident with the antelope resurfacing. After today, he wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to Texas a true vegetarian. However, the more pressing matter was about tonight. Simba had brought them food; to waste it now would be a downright shame, not to mention an insult to the lions. Remembering what Sarafina had told them earlier today, about the Great Circle of Life and how they must all preserve the delicate balance of creatures around then, meaning what he was about to do was only natural and what humans had been doing since before the Stone Age, he finally gave in.

Cutting up the carcass into juicy steaks and rebuilding their fire, soon they had juicy, tasty meat cooking for their dinner. They definitely wouldn’t be going to bed hungry after all! From the shadows atop Pride Rock, Simba watched them eat, a thin smile on his face
TLK Crossing Boundaries Chapter 11
Chapter 11 of my first ever Lion King fan fic, Crossing Boundaries. In the late 19th century, three human explorers are sent to the Pride Lands in order to explore the region and study African wildlife. But when the threat of war finds itself sweeping towards the kingdom, can the three humans be enough to help save it? Please Read and Review.

Next Chapter: coming soon...
Previous Chapter:
Marvel - Ant-Man by HewyToonmore
Marvel - Ant-Man
Here is the character reference for my interpretation of Dr. Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man!

EDIT: Fixed up his design a bit to be a little more like the comics.
That's right, folks! After a week with no internet connection and recovering from a cold, I have returned and will upload new material as soon as I can! :D
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